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S/O to Michael ´Mixen´ Wiethaus for delivering his famous ´JA MEI´ for our collaboration #DERBUTTER X S/O YELLOW.

Not only did he lend us his artwork, but also his exquisite taste buds. We cupped so many different coffees until we knew: this is the one! A tropical cocktail in your cup - fruity and mildly funky. We love this coffee as much as you love Mixen´s sayings on your wall.

The beans come from Alam Korintji, a 400-member cooperative in Kirinchi, in southwestern Sumatra. They are dried naturally in the sun for about 25 days, which is a very special processing method because of the high humidity on site. The outcome is an extraordinary coffee with a truly unique taste experience.


Michael ´Mixen´ Wiethaus, from an electronics technician for Munich‘s S-Bahn to a well known illustrator, art director and teacher. His work reflects his personality – it’s never just a job and he combines local complexion with design and art. His heart beats for football, skateboarding, food & drinks and all kinds of subculture.

Mixen is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, lecturer at IFOG Akademie Munich and Art-Director at SHRN (SooHotRightNow). He lives and works in Munich.

250 g BOX + TASSE

Origin: Sumatra
Variety: Sigararutang, Andungsari
Process: Natural
Taste: Fruity, Funky, Herbal
Flavors: Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, Tropical
Roast: Light


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