"#derbutter X Steffi Bauer" Tischdecke

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Illustration: Michael Wiethaus, wiethausmichael.de

Textile design: Steffi Bauer, steffibauer.com
Photos: Kathrin Makowski, kathrinmakowski.com
Art direction: Daniela Weißbach, instagram.com/daniela_weissbach

„Tiachi“ is a mix of modern artwork with traditional material and manufacturing, blended into a versatile blanket.
It is the result of a collaboration with Michael „Mixen“ Wiethaus and his illustration brand „#derbutter“.
We were aiming for a mix of modern illustration with our bavarian heritage and traditional, sustainable textile manufacturing. While Mixen illustrated beloved bavarian picnic items, I worked on the characteristics and technical production of the textile.
„Tiachi“ became a high-quality blanket that can be used in many ways - for picnic, as a tablecloth, a nap blanket or just a nice object on your couch. It is 100% organic cotton, organically dyed and manufactured in Austria.
We were lucky to win art-director Daniela Weissbach to support us for a visual concept, together with photographer Kathrin Makowski. For now, Stone figures are sourrounding our „Tiachi“ but soon we hope the blanket will be out in the sun with you guys!
Enjoy „Tiachi“ - it‘s bavarian for blanket!

ca. 125 x 150 cm

100% Organic Cotton

bei 60 Grad waschbar

Made in Austria

Limited Edition of 30


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